14 Book Boyfriends

I know. I’m late. But what’s new?

Book boyfriends. All of us have one. Or several. They seduce  us with that bad boy attitude, secretly sweet gestures, cocky words and they make us fall in love. And then they break your heart. But you love them anyway. Because you love to see them love. And something they all do really well is love their girl. Raise your hand if you wish you were them.

I’ve read A LOT of books. A LOT. But these are the boys that stuck with me. They make my heart hurt. Ready for the countdown?

*five for now. I’m still drafting the rest.*

51f0cstYj2L._SX166_SY265_.jpgRyke Meadows. This guy is the epitomy of brooding alpha. He wants so bad to not be the hero. To not fall in love. To not be anyone but the bad guy. You don’t want to fall in love with him but you do. Because he loves his brother. And he takes care of his friends. He sacrifices SO MUCH and he never stops. His story. Their story. Flippin’ heartbreaking.  Plus me and him have this in common: permanently exempt from the swear jar. Note: don’t start from this book. Start with the first book.

Book: Long Way Down (Calloway Sisters by Krista & Beca Ritchie)
He calls her: Calloway
Favorite quote:  She’s my fucking sun, and even though she’s set tonight, she means nothing less to me. I love her just as fucking madly. (*sigh*)
Swoon effect: His dirty mouth.

17406944.jpgMax Stella. If you’re familiar with these books you’re probably screaming. I can hear it: Max, seriously?! NO WAY. TEAM BASTARD! Well, hush. Stella is my guy. Seriously. He’s all soft, but totally alpha. He puts EVERYTHING into anything he does. He helps heal her broken heart and falls in love. He’s such the good guy. And he TAKES pictures. That scene where she firsts sees all the pictures together. His explanation?! I’d let him call me Petal.

Book: Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful series by Christina Lauren)
He calls her: Petal
Favorite quote:  You’re too busy guarding your own heart to realize that maybe I’m not the arsehole people expect me to be.” (side note: I went into my highlights to look for this and I had 543 highlights. WTH!)
Swoon effect: His drink order: Whiskey. Three fingers. + Accent.

Aric Dominija.  He’s a new love. But he’s tortured soul. He doesn’t want to lov20759641e her, but he kept help himself. He build this coat of armor around himself to protect him from hurt but it’s not enough.

Book: Endless Knight (Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole)
He calls her: Her name. Usually.
Favorite quote:  I’m attracted to people. To the words they speak, to the actions they take, to their full-bodied mannerisms and soulful gaits. I am attracted to people. To impassioned hearts that beat out of sync, the ones that skip a measure, heard in hushed places and violent spaces—I am attracted to people.” (This speech. Heart tight.)
Swoon effect: His words.

51rtjmynmbl-_sx166_sy265_Connor Cobalt.  Everything he does is transnational like and he likes to pretend that he does everything because of his brain. But this boy is all heart.  He just loves intelligence and who doesn’t? I like my boys pretty but I love them smart.  I totally feel for him in Fuel to the Fire. Note: don’t start from this book. Start with the first book.

Book: Calloway Sisters by Krista & Becca Ritchie
He calls her: Her name. Usually.
Favorite quote:  I’m attracted to people. To the words they speak, to the actions they take, to their full-bodied mannerisms and soulful gaits. I am attracted to people. To impassioned hearts that beat out of sync, the ones that skip a measure, heard in hushed places and violent spaces—I am attracted to people.” (This speech. Heart tight.)
Swoon effect: His words.

Jerich18664342o Barrons.  He’s so unapologetic about everything. But it’s as hot as it frustrating. It’s one of those you hate/love them things. You think you hate him but you realize then it really had purpose and your heart swoons. And he doesn’t talk much. He hates too. But when he does. EVERY WORD pulls at your heart. Now that the series is over, I don’t know what I’m going to do. There’s never going to be another one like him. Forever #1 in my book heart.

Book: Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
He calls her: Ms. Lane
Favorite quote:  You’re Mac. And I’m Jericho. And nothing else matters. Never will. You exist in a place that is beyond all rules for me. Do you understand that?(I know this seems anti-climatic. But if you’ve read it then you know why. And if you haven’t then I’m not ruining it for you.)
Swoon effect: His words.

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Book Review: Arcana Chronicles

Let me get this out of the way.

Personified Tarot cards? COOLEST idea ever. Arcana = types of tarot cards. If you don’t know what the characters are, do a little research. It’s worth it.

I read A LOT of fantasy books and I have never read a single book that has this theme. It’s just so creative and I’m totally a fan. Plus tying it into the whole Greek Mythology thing? Win/Win.

Basis of the story line: Some very long ago, the Gods bored as they were decided to hold a contest where each could pick a champion to battle to the death. The winner gets immortality.  So every few hundreds of years or so, natural disaster strikes and the battle begins. Each champion is gifted abilities that derive from the God they represent. Some of these champions come from a long lineage of champions and others are first timers. Obviously, this comes with advantages/disadvantages. Once the game starts, the players of the games are drawn to each other, alliances are made and betrayal stars AND AND…it’s just all really exciting.

Evie is the main character. She’s been suffering from bad dreams, delusions her whole life only to find out after apocalyptic disaster that they weren’t so much dreams/delusions as they are premonitions. This is a YA series so of course she meets a boy, and of course she meets another boy.

I’m going to make this brief because I don’t want to give anything away, but I’ll tell you this. I’ve forced 4 different people to read this series. If you want to theorize together after you’ve consumed me. Let me know? I have feelings. And the quotes? You’ll notice a theme. I make no apologizes. I’m completely bias.

First Book: Poison Princess. Let me be real with you. The first book it’s a little slow. And I don’t know how you feel but Evie does that thing that most female lead YA characters do. You know what I’m talking about? They complain, make decisions that don’t make sense, and then insert random “heroic” action. But the story line will make you curious enough to read the second book.

Favorite Quote: “I’m goan to kiss you until your toes curl, until we’re breathing for each other.” – Jackson

Second Book: Endless Knight. This is the one that will kill you. You meet Death. Yes, DEATH. And let me just tell you that I’m #teamDeath 100%. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Hands down. No flippin’ contest. Death. Death. Death. Book 2 you start meeting all the other characters and it gets INTERESTING.This book is when you’re going to start loving characters. This one is my favorite, so let me do a couple quotes?

This quote because I feel like it’s epic and heart breaking.

Favorite Quote(s): “You refused – twice – to beg me for your own life, but you’d beg for his?” – Aric

This quote because…it’s heartbreaking and romantic AND AND….*sigh*

Favorite Quote(s): “I desired you before, but I never loved you until this life.” – Aric

Book 3: Dead of Winter. You’re going to start rooting for characters, you’re going to start hating people, you’re going to make theories, you’re going to get INVESTED. And once you read the end, you’re going to be mad. Or happy. Depends what team you’re on.

Favorite Quote: “I take no actions that I wouldn’t publicly recount. If you can’t speak your deeds, then don’t do them.” – Aric

Book 3.5:Day Zero. You’re going to find out what happens before the apocalypse. What happens after. And your theories? They are all wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong. This one makes me like other characters. I feel like a traitor.

Favorite Quote: ” I know better than to hope, but gods, maybe I could finally know contentment- the kind other men take for granted.” – Aric

Book 4: Arcana Rising. You going to see more of those other cards. You start learning something and you’re going to make new theories. And you’re going root for Evie, and then you’re going to be mad. Then you’re going to hate Evie. And then you’re going to finish the book. And then you’re going to be mad it’s not 2017.

Welcome to my world.

Can I just need mention how hard it is to pick a quote that gives no spoilers?

Favorite Quote: “I know dying must seem temping but I need you. Come back to me. ” – Aric

Read the book. Read the series. You won’t be disappointed. This is a prime example of how YA and Fantasy can be done right. There’s so much mystery, so much character development and so many things that connect. It’s so good.


Here’s are less words about how I feel when I’m reading these books:

Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)Flushed Face on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)Drooling Face on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)Crying Face on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)Neutral Face on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)Broken Heart on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)

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SugarPop Reading Challenge Update #3


A mini update today, but still.

First things, first. GUESS WHAT?! I’ve finally caught up with my Goodreads reading challenge. You don’t even know what amount of relief that brings me. I was SO FAR BEHIND. Now it’s like a weight has been lifted. Nerdy, right? Oh well.

If you’ve checked, you probably noticed that those reviews I promised last time still aren’t up yet. I know, forgive me. I’ve been reading. They are sitting in draft form, so I promise in the next week.  They’ll be up!

Let’s talk the challenge now. I made some changes to the form because someone told me the font was hard to read. So hopefully this helps? Also, I numbered the books because I like lists. I’ve checked 3 more off the list. Theres only about 3 months left! Will I make it?!

Probably not. But I’ll try.

Sorry. No favorite quotes right now. But maybe later?



10. A New York Times Best Seller
Logan Kade
by Tijan

The Fallen Crest series is one of my favorites. I never want this to end. It’ll be book 100 and I’ll still want to know what Logan and Mason are doing. Talk about ultimate Book Boyfriend crush. If you haven’t read this series, I have no idea what you’re waiting for.

Seriously. Go.

Anyway, no. 5 for week of April 17th. Go Tijan. Please never stop writing. My heart would break.

24. A book with a protagonist who has your occupation.
by Whitney G.

Okay, let me just call myself out right now. No, I’m not a pilot or a flight attendant. I do however work with airplanes, so I figured this would be about as a close as I was going to get. So it counts. It does. Shut up.

This book. So much angst. I freakin’ loved it. Seriously I read it 3x back to back. It hurt my heart, it made me mad, and then it made me sigh. Please, just read it. Totally a Five Star read.

Glowing Star on Samsung Galaxy Note 7Glowing Star on Samsung Galaxy Note 7Glowing Star on Samsung Galaxy Note 7Glowing Star on Samsung Galaxy Note 7Glowing Star on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

24. A book and it’s prequel
(The Book) Tear and  (The Prequel) Strung
by Rachel Van Dyken

Small town girl meets rock star story line. There’s a love triangle. And they’re BROTHERS. Gasp.

I read a lot of YA and it’s always hit or miss.This was too insta-love without enough feels for me. I just needed more material. It’s an easy read if that’s what you’re into.


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SugarPop Reading Challenge Update #2

This has been a long time coming. Sadly, I’ve only made a small dent in the list. BUT since this is only my second update of the year. There are a ton of books to talk about.

Let’s get started, yes? I’ve been working on this post over the last week. I keep getting sidetracked. Why? Most of these books have their ways onto some of my recommendation lists and I end up wanting to work on multiple posts at the same time. Not really productive.

I managed to focus and pull this together though. So, here’s where I’m at with this challenge. Is all hope lost?

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Happy August!

I know.

Talk about a total fail. I swear though, I’ve been busy. No excuse I know. But let me tell you about life?

I finished school. But I’m studying for my certification now. I never thought I despised reading until I had to read text books. Now I remember why I never picked one up during my bachelor’s. I got married. I finished a project at work that we have been working on for 4 years. 4 years is a freakin’ life time. I’m slowly, so so slowly catching up on my Goodreads Reading challenge. I’m so close! Would you believe that I was over 20 books behind at the beginning of July?! It feels so good to be able to read again. You have no idea. Or maybe you do.

Oh wait. Did you want to go back to something?!

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Book Review: Lev by Belle Aurora

Have you read this?

Because if you haven’t you really, really need to. Best part (subjective) it’s also currently part of that Kindle Unlimited thing so you should totally be about it.

Lev is Levsooo…sweet. He’s lived his whole life feeling like he doesn’t fit in. He has a really hard time processing emotions which makes almost impossible for him to read people. It has him feeling socially awkward.

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SugarPop Reading Challenge Update #1

I cannot believe that it’s already February. We’re already a month in and I haven’t done anything yet. AHH!!!

I have 1 more month on this certificate program. Then maybe I’m going to take the certification test. Then maybe I’m going to apply for grad school.  Then maybe, I might apply for a new job. Then maybe, I might have a baby. Just kidding, that one was to see if Kalin was paying attention. Maybe, Maybe Maybe. But we don’t want to talk life goals right now, right?

Let’s talk about books, baby.

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