Reading Challenge Update #2

It seems that everyone is suffering from the plague these days.
So since I’m home sick (again). I wanted to post a progress report on the challenge. Looking at the positive side, being sick means that I’ve had a lot of time to read when I’m not being put into a death sleep forced by medication.
It’s not a complete list of what I’ve read, but it’s the ones that could count for this contest. I also decided to challenge myself to a 200 books read in 2015 list on Goodreads.  After updating my list I was pretty proud of myself and told Miguel (the bf) that in reality 22 books (as of last night) wasn’t that many. He then had to be logical and point out that 22 is more than 1 book a day. I didn’t have a good argument so I started The Mason List. You should definetly read that.

I checked four off the list.
I swear at one point my slacker friends are going to post something so you won’t have to spend your time listening to me. Although, let’s be real: I’m the most fun.
Here’s what I’ve read so far (new ones in red):

  1. A book from an author you love, but haven’t read: 

Never Never 

by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher
If you want to know anything about me, know this: I think anything that Tarryn Fisher writes is gold. 
She writes words that twists up your heart and kind of makes you want to throw up, but for some reason I kind of like putting myself through that torture.
I just wish the book had been longer because I felt like we didn’t know anything until the end, but I guess we have to learn about the characters before the climax. Also I wish there hadn’t been a cliff hanger. And that part 2 came out tomorrow.

  1. A triology: 



Still Jaded


by Tijan
I love Tijan.
She can write 100 books that all have a girl that’s broken, two boys that love her, some high school hierarchy struggle – and I would still read EVERY SINGLE ONE of them.
I think she is an amazing story teller that is able to take that same plot and twist the character’s environment in so many different ways.
Despite the parallels she NEVER tells the story the same.
There was still the love triangle, there was still the stupid decisions, but this series was nothing like the Fallen Crest  High series or the BS series.

  1. A book by an author you’ve never read: 

The Mason List

by SD Hendrickson
This book. Can I just leave it at it’s not your typical HEA?
The only thing I disliked was the ending. I wanted more. But I want that at the end of every book.

  1. A book set during Christmas

Holiday Games

by Jaci Burton
This is one of my guilty pleasure reads. I just love the characters in the series and it’s actually embarrassing that I understand all the sports references made. The bf would be so proud.


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