Reading Challenge Update #4

New month, new progress update.

Let me be real and say that life has been kicking my butt the last couple of weeks and I haven’t really been reading (I know, the horror). I’m up to 36 in 2015 on Goodreads so far, but sadly not all can count for the contest. In case you are wondering that’s only 14 books since the last update.
Looking at the list, I’m feeling like I need to spread my wings and venture our of my usual to check some of these off the list. Can I just say that the read “a book by an author under 30” makes me feel like a complete stalker? It’s not like author’s ages are posted on the cover.
Anyway, here are my updates:

  1. A book from a female author:

*Can I just note this is a hilarious category?
All This Time

By Marie Wathen
It’s a story of starcrossed lovers.

It’s well written, although very slow. The MC didn’t make a lot of sense to me because she was always running away and breaking procedure, despite her standing to uphold order.

Favorite quote:
“Yes in this business even the innocent people lose.”

  1. A book with a one-word title: 


By Cora Carmack
I’m obsessed with the Greek Myths. Obsessed.
This one is very insta-love, but if you are going to read romance you go into knowing that.It was cute and the characters are real. My complaint is the almost cliff hanger that speaks of things to come. I just want to know what going to happen now.
Favorite quote:
“I’m outnumbered in a fight against none.”

  1. A book set in a different country:

The problem with Crazy

By Lauren K. McKellar
I bought it on one of my crazy book binges because it was probably 99 cents or something close to it.
I was pleasantly surprised. This book is more about self discovery than love, which I actually really…well, loved. It’s YA so give the character a break, she’s young.
Favorite quote:
“Because if I deny him everything, when God has already denied him so much – what does he have left?”

  1. A book that made me cry:

Third Degree

By Julie Cross
Let me be honest, I only bought this book because of the cover models. I’ve noticed that any time this couple graces the cover, the book ends up being pretty good. I still stand by that theory.
I love stories about broken people that overcome it because it gives me hope.

Favorite quote:
“People have shitty childhoods and they overcome it. You’re taking that from me.”


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