Reading Challenge Update #4

I can’t believe it’s March. I can’t believe that after this week, there is only one more full week of March. That seems insane. I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to think that it’s so late in the year, maybe I’ll just try my resolutions next year. It’s been that way for the last four years. Why not be consistent, right? Just kidding. That’s just my laziness talking.

Well, I’ve read 57 books so far this year. According to Goodreads that means that I’m 16 books ahead of my 200 books in 2015 goal. I’ll admit that I’m curious to the formula used to calculate that schedule, but again, laziness. That thing rules my world. Oh and if you’re curious, I was at 36 books last update so that’s an additional 21 books. Its weird looking at the number because before seeing that, I would have bet my life that I haven’t really read anything in the last month.

I’ve only read 5 books that applies to the challenge, but I have read some really great books that I want to talk about, so look for those reviews later. Anyway, latest challenge update:

4A book that scares you

The Contradiction of Solitude
by A. Meredith Walters

I really should read blurbs. I thought this was just another romance novel. There are a ton of flashbacks and lots of foreshadowing. In the end, it left me feeling icky. Kind of like when you finish watching Hannibal, Dexter or The Fall.

Favorite Quote: Lust and attraction were dangerous things. They could make a man rush to his death without thinking twice. Layna could easily be my death and I wouldn’t care.”

A book based entirely on it’s cover

The Immortal Circus: Act One
by A.R. Kahler

Can you blame me? The covers to this series are so pretty. First of all, the main character? I have a girl crush. Her inner dialogue/narration is hilarious. The romance? Maybe a little too insta-love. The storyline? There was a whole lot going on and not a lot of explanation. I guess that’s why it’s a three part series. I’m definitely going to read the rest of the books. The writing/storyline kind of reminds me of the Kings series.

Favorite Quote: Right then, I’d give my left kidney for him to wrap an arm around me to shield me from the atrocity before us. But he’s not mine, and probably never will be. And even if he were, he’s not the comforting type.”

A book set somewhere you always wanted to visit

by Lily Paradis

I will write a full review of this later, because I just love love love this book. It’s so angsty. It’s crazy the ideas we become obsessed with when we are kids. At  16 or 17 we think those problems will be our entire world.

Favorite Quote: That’s what I want to tell myself. That’s what I am telling myself. But we all know that I am a liar, and liars can’t be unmade.”

A book set in high school

Heart of Marley 
by T.K. Leigh

For a seemingly unthreatening YA book it covered a large area of topics: family issues, sexual abuse, female empowerment and so much much more. This book is just so beautifully written I love it. The brother/sister relationship is just everything.

Favorite Quote: They always say that the truth will set you free. Not for me. The truth has erected bars around me.”

A book that takes place in your hometown

(Book 1 of the Thoughtless series)
by S.C. Stephens

I started reading this because everyone on Twitter and book blogs would not stop talking about Kellan flippin’ Kyle. Can I just leave it at yes, he’s one of the book boyfriends? All the feelings in this first book are just too much. I can’t even imagine reading it from Kellan’s point of view. I’m not ready for it yet.

Favorite Quote: I still want you…But not while you’re his. Not like this, not like last night.”


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