Reading Challenge Update #5

This is one of the rare weekends that the boyfriend and I don’t actually have anything planned. I was going to spend the weekend dedicated to writing. Writing book reviews, so that I could write an update on the reading challenge. Then compiling all the poems I have written on the back of receipts, random scraps of paper and wherever else for my “a poem a day” project. It might seem easier to give up that resolution, but my goal was to write, so as long as I’m doing it, does it matter that I haven’t posted anything in 30 days? Maybe just a little.

Anyway, if you’re in Seattle, you know this weekend was supposed to be filled with clouds and rain drops. It’s actually turned out to be gorgeous all weekend. Which puts a little bit of a damper on my plans (I’m so punny). Mr. Sun came out to play and I’ve always felt that he’s always done a good job of making me forget my responsibilities/goals. Despite his bad influence, he does make for a good weekend.

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I went to watch Furious 7, which was amazing in case you were wondering. I don’t care if it’s the seventh in the franchise, it was still good. Plus, that tribute to Paul Walker in the end? Tear. X 1000. Afterwards we did a little shopping, then we came home to our pups and took them out for 5.5 mile walk. Yes. You read that right. Five and a flippin’ half miles. I have two Chihuahua mixes. They don’t need to walk that much. We were just going to walk to the trail and then walk to the Greek place down the street and grab a late lunch. Only half way to the trail, we had this genius idea of walking to the dog park so the pups could socialize. Hah. We forgot how far it was. Here’s a picture of the pups when we finally get to the park. They’re begging to go home.

They don’t realize that we have to walk back.

Today we explored a new Vietnamese restaurant that opened because it’s closer to our place and it’s within walking distance. It wasn’t bad, but our favorite place is our favorite for a reason. I’m not convinced that the idea of walking to and from doesn’t have a little influence though. Eventually, we’ll have to take the pups out again today, but currently Ro is cuddled up in my lap and Mochi is probably with the boyfriend or creating some kind of mess. I figured now was as good a time as any to at least do the writing challenge update since I’ve only finished one book review.

Speaking of….If you haven’t read Volition by Lily Paradis, you so so so should. My review is more of a quote list then an actual review, but hopefully it does something to convince you to read an awesomely amazing book?

Okay so last post I was at 57 and now I’m at 70 in 2015. I don’t even know how that happens, I haven’t been reading that much over the last week. My baby sister was on Spring Break so she spent the week with us. I’ve been missing reading like I’ve been missing breathing. Apparently I’m delusional. In my defense, a number of those were read in the last few days, but I’m told that not a good argument.

So, because I’ve been deprived, I’ve been reading aimlessly. That means I’m just reading books I’ve come across instead of books on my TBR list (which also needs to be updated), or books I should be reading so that I can complete this challenge. This is the reason I only have four updates, instead of being close to done like I had planned. As always, updates are in red.

A book published this year 

When I Fall

by J. Daniels

I had plans to read this book much much later than I wanted. But see, I like to follow authors on Instagram and Twitter because they are just as hilarious in real life as they are in their writing. Problem: J. Daniels kept posting Reed teases on Instagram and I have no self-control. So, exactly three days later, instead of focusing on the task at hand and finishing the harder categories of this challenge, I read about Reed and Beth. I’m so glad I did. Reed is Yum. Note: I should have posted this last time, but I was distracted with the re-read. #DickMeUpReed

Favorite Quote: I told him I loved him. People say things they don’t mean when they’re distressed. I’ve never said one word to Reed I didn’t mean. Last night was no exception.”

A book written by someone under 30

Shatter Me

by Tahereh Mafi

If you’ve followed my last posts, you’ll know I find this category the most difficult. My usual routine has been to read a book and then proceed to stalk the author to see if they are under 30. Do you know how difficult it is to figure that out? This time, I just talked to my best friend, Google and found this “30 Books by Authors under 30” list. Turns, out one of the book I read, fell under this category.

Let me start with the bad: These books are so short. Now let me talk about the good: So, so, so well written. I loved it. Loved, Loved, Loved it. I’m currently starting book 2, but I’m trying to pace myself so I don’t get through it so quickly. If you’re a fan of Dystopian novels, you should definitely read this.

Favorite Quote: What’s become of their homes, their parents, their children. I wonder how many of them have been buried in the ground.”

A book with magic

Burn for Me: Hidden Legacy #1

by Ilona Andrews 

I love this writing Duo. I love the Kate Daniels series. I love Clean Sweep. But I must confess, I do not love this cover. This is one of those “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” lessons. book was so good. I love the strong female lead that is Nevada Baylor. And Rogan? Total typical badass Alpha Male. Which I apparently find hot. I’ve seen the next cover is just as bad, but you can’t blame awesome authors for things they have no control over, so…can we get the next book in the series, right now?

I want to give you some amazing quote that I totally fell in love with, but I can’t. It turns out I was so wrapped up in reading the book, I forgot to highlight anything. This happens when I read about Kate and Curran too. Good thing, right?

 A book wirtten by an author with your same initials

Anatomy of a Single Girl

by Daria Snadowsky

You don’t even know the lengths I went to find a book with my same initials. I spent my entire lunch break on Friday searching the library system trying to find one. It’s not that I couldn’t find one, it’s that there were so many to choose from. 

I finally limited the searching filters down to Romance and found this one. I should have probably paid more attention because this turned out to be the second book in the series. It was more of a character finding themselves book, then a typical romance book. It was an easy read, but probably not something I would have normally picked up. I’ve heard the first one is a lot better, so I might go back and read that one. 

Since, it was a library book, I didn’t actually highlight, so no quotes for this one either. 


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