Challenge Update #7

Like most New Years Resolution’s, I started off really well, but by the middle of the year, I reacquainted myself with an my old friend, Slacker, and he’s forever convincing me to do bad things. One day I’ll be strong enough to resist him. One day. 🙂

Despite my slackerness that doesn’t mean that I have been reading. Oh no, reading will forever be the one thing I just can’t. let. go.

Let’s see, I was about 100 last time we spoke and as of today, four days before the new year, I am at about 246 on my Goodreads challenge. That means…yes, you’re right: I’ve finished my Goodreads Challenge!!! Yay me. At least I finished one thing.

I’m going to be honest and here, this is probably about as close as I am going to get to finishing this SugarPop Challenge. I’d say I try really hard, but every time another romance book popped up, all I thought was “I have to read this” and then my Challenge TBR list just kept getting ignored. My bad.

So here is what I have left:
2) A classic romance
3) A book that became a movie – Odd Thomas
10) A mystery or thriller
12) A book of short stories
14) A nonfiction book – Beautiful Boy
17) A book a friend recommended
18) A Pulitzer Prize winning book – The Goldfinch
19) A book based on a true story – a Child Called IT
21) A book your mom (or dad) loves
23) A book more than 100 years old
25) A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t
26) A memoir
30) A book that came out the year you were born
33) A book from your childhood – perhaps a Wrinkle in Time but I’m not sure yet
35) A book set in the future – Cinder
40) A graphic novel
44) A book that was originally written in a different language – Dante’s Inferno
47) A play
48) A banned book
49) A book based on or turned into a TV show – The Leftovers or The 100

But, I want to tell you about the books I did read. There were some AWESOME books and if you haven’t, you NEED to read them.  And without further ado, here’s what I’ve added to the list:

Update 7.png1) A book with more than 500 pages

Long Way Down
by Kristie & Becca Ritchie

If you have not met the Calloway sisters, you really need to. This series is my favorite read of the year.

Favorite Quote: “She’s my fucking sun, and even though she’s set tonight, she means nothing less to me. I love her just as fucking madly.”

8) A funny book

Fire Down Below
by Debra Anastasia

I read this book because I read the first Poughkeepsie book and seriously fell in love. This one kept popping up on social media, so I thought why not.

I didn’t highlight any quotes, so no favorite quotes for you, but there are some pretty ridiculously funny scense.

37) A book with a color in the title

Grayson’s Vow
by  Mia Sheridian

This might be cheating a little bit, but it totally works. First off, I’ve never read a Mia Sheridian book until this year and now I think I’ve read every single one of her books.

 Favorite quote: “This lesson requires nudity?”

“Indeed. As all good lessons do,””

50) A book you started but never finished

Opposing Sides
by CM Doporto

So I bought this book August of 2014. I remember trying to read it then…It’s not that it’s bad. I just didn’t like the characters.

Long Way DownFire Down Belowgrayson's vowOpposing Sides



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