Book Review: Lev by Belle Aurora

Have you read this?

Because if you haven’t you really, really need to. Best part (subjective) it’s also currently part of that Kindle Unlimited thing so you should totally be about it.

Lev is Levsooo…sweet. He’s lived his whole life feeling like he doesn’t fit in. He has a really hard time processing emotions which makes almost impossible for him to read people. It has him feeling socially awkward.

  “Love,” he advised gently, “is a doing word. And sometimes the people who least deserve it are the ones who need it most.”

But he has a super supported family (in the form of brother & sister) and they are all really close.There is also the childhood friends, the family drama, the ex drama and the soon to be love of his life.

Lev doesn’t lie. Lev thinks he’s bad at communicating. Lev is….HOT. Not physically hot, but the kind that counts. Sweet, sweet words that makes me have a total book crush.

Mina is actually a likeable female character. I know–shocking. But seriously, she’s not needy, totally clingy and unrealistic. Her niceness though does push her into making some rash descisions, but we’re all allowed our faults.

   She’ll be okay. She’s survived for so long without us. Mina is strong.

I really just want to talk about Lev though. I had to stop so many times while reading this book, because I just…can’t. Seriously, who says stuff like this:

  I wasn’t going to lose you to a man you once loved. It wasn’t going to happen.

This story goes something like this: girl is homeless, boy catches girl stealing, boy gives girl job, boy and girl fall in love, a bunch of stuff happens, the end.

So you should go read it. Seriously, what are you waiting for?


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