SugarPop Reading Challenge Update #1

I cannot believe that it’s already February. We’re already a month in and I haven’t done anything yet. AHH!!!

I have 1 more month on this certificate program. Then maybe I’m going to take the certification test. Then maybe I’m going to apply for grad school.  Then maybe, I might apply for a new job. Then maybe, I might have a baby. Just kidding, that one was to see if Kalin was paying attention. Maybe, Maybe Maybe. But we don’t want to talk life goals right now, right?

Let’s talk about books, baby.

I read 21 books in January and even I have to admit that seemed like an impossible feat, but it’s pretty accurate per my Goodreads Challenge  tracking. It hasn’t felt like I’ve read anything, but I guess that’s what happens when I just read in between life stuff.  Mostly, I’ve been catching up on series ( Fear Us, Pucked Up, Tyrant), but I did manage to cross a few off the TBR list from last year (Fighting Silence, Fighting Shadows, Every Wrong Reason).

Undenibly AsherCurrently I am reading Undeniably Asher (book 2 of the Fighting SolitudeColloway Brother series), definitely going to be adding this to our recommended Kindle Unlimited List. After this I’m going to start Fighting Solitude because the On the Rope series? SO GOOD.

I could talk about all the books I’ve read, but let’s focus.

The new SugarPop Challenge is up and I’ve crossed off three. If you look at the three categories I’ve crossed off, you could probably argue that I could have picked different books and you’d totally be right. But, but, BUT I want to talk about these three. Two of them are on our recommended Kindle Unlimited list, so check that out. 😉

So three down and forty seven more to go.

14. A book you can read in a day
by Belle Aurora

The main guy,? Totally going to be added to the BBF list. Let me tell you about him? He has a bit of a problem reading people so it makes Update 1him feel socially awkward.

That doesn’t stop him from being totally Alpha and totally sweet, so he’s totally Yum. You can read my full up review here.

Favorite Quote: “I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for you. A week is nothing in comparison.”

20. A science-fiction novel
Darken the Stars
by Amy A. Bartol

I had a hard time deciding if this one should be under Sci-Fi or dystopian…but I obviously made a decision.

Two things: (1) on the Kindle Unlimited list (2) this seriously can’t be the last book.

This series should definitely be read in order. It’s a bout a girl that discovers she’s from another world and that’s she is a part of the ever existent prophecy.

It’s not so much I disagree with the events, but I just can’t see this is the end. What happens with Kyon?! I need to know.

Favorite Quote: She’ll steal your heart without even trying. She’ll blanket you with a million whispers in the night while she holds your hand as if she’s the only one who fits it right.

23. A book published in 2016
The Score
by Elle Kennedy

This category is always the hardest for me. I can’t ever decide if I want to pick one now, or wait until later in the year, BUT I decided that if you haven’t heard of the Off-Campus Series, I really need to tell you about. IF you’re into the whole sports/romance thing–this series is totally for you. It’s really one of the best New Adult/Young Adult series I’ve read.

Favorite Quote: “Because you also look at him like he hung the moon. And I get the sense he feels the same about you.”

LevDarken the Stars.PNGThe Score


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