Happy August!

I know.

Talk about a total fail. I swear though, I’ve been busy. No excuse I know. But let me tell you about life?

I finished school. But I’m studying for my certification now. I never thought I despised reading until I had to read text books. Now I remember why I never picked one up during my bachelor’s. I got married. I finished a project at work that we have been working on for 4 years. 4 years is a freakin’ life time. I’m slowly, so so slowly catching up on my Goodreads Reading challenge. I’m so close! Would you believe that I was over 20 books behind at the beginning of July?! It feels so good to be able to read again. You have no idea. Or maybe you do.

Oh wait. Did you want to go back to something?!

Haha. YES! I got married. Technically we eloped. Then we told the family + friends….two days later. They were…shocked? It was fun.

Anyway, I’ve been kind of working on the blog but it’s mostly cosmetic. I’ve been trying to post on instagram. Now that I have some free time, I’ll hopefully be able to COMMIT.

Be patient with me, yes?

In the meantime, I’ve made some additions. Check out the Kindle Unlimited Recommended list and the If you liked THIS then read THIS list. 🙂 Also, the bio has been updated.

I’ll post an update to the challenge and tell you about some books because there have been SOME GOOD ONES. The kind of ones where I wonder where they’ve been all my life.

P.s. How cute is the boyfriend husband?



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