SugarPop Reading Challenge Update #2

This has been a long time coming. Sadly, I’ve only made a small dent in the list. BUT since this is only my second update of the year. There are a ton of books to talk about.

Let’s get started, yes? I’ve been working on this post over the last week. I keep getting sidetracked. Why? Most of these books have their ways onto some of my recommendation lists and I end up wanting to work on multiple posts at the same time. Not really productive.

I managed to focus and pull this together though. So, here’s where I’m at with this challenge. Is all hope lost?

If you need a refresh you can start with SugarPop Reading Challenge Update #1.

Update 3
3. A YA Bestseller
by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Armentrout is kind of a guilty pleasure. I’m at a stage in my life where I feel like I should be over the whole YA thing, but I’m not. I’m probably going to be ninety and still read about youngins falling in love.

It has that I-want-you-but-I-really-shouldn’t plus it’s-destiny-so-lets-get-things-done feel. Pretty much if you liked the Lux series, you’re totally going to like this. Who doesn’t love that whole Alpha male thing?

Book Hungover? Check the If you liked THIS read THIS list.

Favorite Quote: I’m not going to put shit in your head that might not need to be there.”

8. A book set in Europe
Filthy English
by Ilsa Madden-Mills

I fell in love with this author during the Briar Academy series and I just feel obligated to write everything she reads. This one has angst, feels and it comes with the HEA. This one is on the Kindle Unlimited recommended list.

Favorite Quote: She’d wanted a version of me that I couldn’t be at nineteen.

9. A book that’s under 150 pages
The Heart of It
by Molly O’Keefe,

You know what I hate about short stories? The part where it’s over. I don’t know how she did it, but in less than 100 pages she managed to break our hearts and then walk us through their healing. So perfect. I just wanted more. Details. Pages. Short stories are double edged swords.

Favorite Quote:Oh, to be so young and have all that pleasure turned to something dark and scary before he had any idea what it was. What any of it meant.

12. A book recommended by someone you just met
by Melissa Delport

I didn’t actually “meet” this person but it was recommended by someone on a blog I follow. Technicalities. Anyway, I’m so so so so so x 1 million glad I read this book. It was SO good. Everyone should read this book at least once. This also made it onto the If you liked THIS read THIS list.

Favorite Quote:He died a hero, he said. He died, was all that I cared about. It didn’t really matter how.

25. A book that takes place during summer
Summer Games: Settling the Score
by R.S. Grey

Did you ever read scoring Wilder? This is kind of a follow on from that.If you’re looking for a cute sports romance book this will make you happy. It’s really cute, well written and easy to read.

Favorite Quote:“I dragged my gaze down her spine, getting my fill of the tan skin I wasn’t allowed to touch.

29. A Dystopian Novel
Poison Princess
by Kresley Cole

Let me tell you two things about this book. 1) I didn’t care what I was going to label it as, it was definitely going on the list. Why? I know there are still roughly 4 months left in the year, but this series is going to be my #1. Hands down. 2) This book is just the beginning of EVERYTHING.

If you’ve been waiting to start this series like I was, stop. Just read it. I’m going to stop talking about it because a review will be going up and I can’t talk about it without getting all emotional. #teamDeath He’s going on the BBF aka Book Boyfriends list for sure. This one is a HUGE work in progress.

So what exactly is this book about? It’s about this long ago tradition where personified tarot cards  battle to death to win immortality just to amuse the Gods. That’s all I’m giving you here. A review comes next, so be patient with me. In the meantime, you can find other books like this one If you liked THIS read THIS.

Picking a quote from this is like having to between my favorite pair of shoes. It CAN’T be done. Also, I’m finding it really hard to be unbiased in this so I’m going to pick one that should offer up a neutral quote.

Favorite Quote:
“Evie: Matthew, exactly how psychic are you?
Matthew: So psychic that other psychics should be called Mattics.”  

30. A book with a blue cover
Until I Die
by Amy Plum

This is one of those series that has been on my TBD for way too long. All the covers are gorgeous.  If you read Clear by Jessica Park it kind of goes a long that lines. It’s about a group of people that destined to live forever, but not with the experience of dying. Over and over again. Hopefully that gets you intrigued. Review coming soon. In the meantime, find other books like it on If you liked THIS read THIS.

Favorite Quote: “She has nothing on you, of course, Kates. It’s just that you’re so very…taken.”

32. The first book you see in the bookstore
Bad Romeo
by Leisa Rayven

I saw this book forever ago. That cover? Freakin’ beautiful. I honestly have no idea why I avoided reading it for so longI don’t know why, but I love books with difficult relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice HEA, but I like them struggling to get there. It shouldn’t come as a suprisie that it’s on the If you liked THIS read THIS list. I like the turmoil. It makes it feel more real and not so fairy tale. This book has a lot of it.

Favorite Quote: “You want another chance to ruin me?

34. A book from the library
Reap the Wind
by Leisa Rayven

I waited FOREVER for this book. FOREVER. And then it was over and I still want to know, when does Pritkin come back because I miss him. That’s all I’m leaving you with but if you like paranormal romance books, and the whole love triangle thing, then I suggest you go back and start at book one. That way the wait for the book after this one, won’t be as long as mine will be.

Since this was a library book, I neglected to take note of a quote. My bad.

Party Popper on Samsung Galaxy Note 7Confetti Ball on Samsung Galaxy Note 7Party Popper on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

And that’s all folks! At least in terms of this reading challenge. I still want to talk my top 10 out of the first 100 I’ve read in my Goodreads Challenge. I also want to talk some books that you HAVE TO read. In the meantime I hope this holds you down.

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I’m still thinking about what to specifically target for each of the categories, but here are a couple I have planned:

#10 A New York Times Best Seller : The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriart

#11 A book becoming a movie this year: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling


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