Life Story.

Dinah BioI like to read.

I waste birthday wishes on the next Downside Ghosts book. Stacia Kane, if you ever read this, please note I’m not above bribery or blood sacrifice. Just let me know what’s preferred.

EBOOK enthusiast. Why? If I wasn’t I’d have to choose between storing my shoes or my books. I can’t handle that kind of life decision.

I once told my siblings that in case of a zombie apocalypse I will loot a bookstore. Two reasons: 1. My ebook collection is gone. This is equivalent to missing a limb and 2. Bargaining chips. I later relayed this to the bf and he chose not to acknowledge this “crazy” decision.

Sometimes I call in sick because I’m book-wrecked. This is a real thing.

I think I’m a introvert moonlighting as an extrovert.

I want to write stories like those people who want to win the lottery but never buy tickets.

When I am upset I do not use contractions and apparently that is weird.

When people ask me what I’m reading I tell them smut. Why? 1) it will make people feel awkward and they will stop trying to converse and then  I can’t be declared rude for continuing to read 2) if they ask about it there’s a 99% chance I want to be their friend.

I like lists like how kids like their blankets.

I once got an award for procrastination and picked it up a year late. Just kidding I still haven’t picked it up.

I believe in over indulgence. Just spent 5 hours reading an awesome book? Read five more. Back to back. Go ahead.

I give bad advice.

I might need to go to BLNA. Book lovers not anonymous. That way I can ask for recommendations.

I have a love/hate relationship with library books.

I probably spend the same amount of time looking at books I want to read as people spend on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

I have commitment issues. I think it’s actually called laziness.

I read past my bedtime. Often. Work interferes with this schedule.



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