2016 Goals!

Happy New Year!!!

I know, it’s been a while…I won’t make any excuses.

Instead I’ll tell you about my plans for the year. Ready? Set. Go!

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Challenge Update #7

Like most New Years Resolution’s, I started off really well, but by the middle of the year, I reacquainted myself with an my old friend, Slacker, and he’s forever convincing me to do bad things. One day I’ll be strong enough to resist him. One day. 🙂

Despite my slackerness that doesn’t mean that I have been reading. Oh no, reading will forever be the one thing I just can’t. let. go.

Let’s see, I was about 100 last time we spoke and as of today, four days before the new year, I am at about 246 on my Goodreads challenge. That means…yes, you’re right: I’ve finished my Goodreads Challenge!!! Yay me. At least I finished one thing.

I’m going to be honest and here, this is probably about as close as I am going to get to finishing this SugarPop Challenge. I’d say I try really hard, but every time another romance book popped up, all I thought was “I have to read this” and then my Challenge TBR list just kept getting ignored. My bad.

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Book Review: Voilition | Lily Paradis

If you haven’t noticed, I have this thing about words. One of the great things about reading ebooks is that I can highlight the heck out of it without having to feel like I’m defacing valuable pieces of art.  I’m just going to sprinkle my favorite quotes throughout this review.If I had to sum up this book in a few sentences, I would just make
veryone read this quote:

 “I don’t think love is supposed to hurt like this,” I told him. “It’s not. I think it’s supposed to hurt in a good way, but this isn’t good. This is like a virus taking over your whole body, and he’s just sitting there. He hasn’t even said a word to you, and you’re a mess. You don’t love him.”

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