SugarPop Reading Challenge Update #3


A mini update today, but still.

First things, first. GUESS WHAT?! I’ve finally caught up with my Goodreads reading challenge. You don’t even know what amount of relief that brings me. I was SO FAR BEHIND. Now it’s like a weight has been lifted. Nerdy, right? Oh well.

If you’ve checked, you probably noticed that those reviews I promised last time still aren’t up yet. I know, forgive me. I’ve been reading. They are sitting in draft form, so I promise in the next week.  They’ll be up!

Let’s talk the challenge now. I made some changes to the form because someone told me the font was hard to read. So hopefully this helps? Also, I numbered the books because I like lists. I’ve checked 3 more off the list. Theres only about 3 months left! Will I make it?!

Probably not. But I’ll try.

Sorry. No favorite quotes right now. But maybe later?



10. A New York Times Best Seller
Logan Kade
by Tijan

The Fallen Crest series is one of my favorites. I never want this to end. It’ll be book 100 and I’ll still want to know what Logan and Mason are doing. Talk about ultimate Book Boyfriend crush. If you haven’t read this series, I have no idea what you’re waiting for.

Seriously. Go.

Anyway, no. 5 for week of April 17th. Go Tijan. Please never stop writing. My heart would break.

24. A book with a protagonist who has your occupation.
by Whitney G.

Okay, let me just call myself out right now. No, I’m not a pilot or a flight attendant. I do however work with airplanes, so I figured this would be about as a close as I was going to get. So it counts. It does. Shut up.

This book. So much angst. I freakin’ loved it. Seriously I read it 3x back to back. It hurt my heart, it made me mad, and then it made me sigh. Please, just read it. Totally a Five Star read.

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24. A book and it’s prequel
(The Book) Tear and  (The Prequel) Strung
by Rachel Van Dyken

Small town girl meets rock star story line. There’s a love triangle. And they’re BROTHERS. Gasp.

I read a lot of YA and it’s always hit or miss.This was too insta-love without enough feels for me. I just needed more material. It’s an easy read if that’s what you’re into.


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SugarPop Reading Challenge Update #2

This has been a long time coming. Sadly, I’ve only made a small dent in the list. BUT since this is only my second update of the year. There are a ton of books to talk about.

Let’s get started, yes? I’ve been working on this post over the last week. I keep getting sidetracked. Why? Most of these books have their ways onto some of my recommendation lists and I end up wanting to work on multiple posts at the same time. Not really productive.

I managed to focus and pull this together though. So, here’s where I’m at with this challenge. Is all hope lost?

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Book Review: Lev by Belle Aurora

Have you read this?

Because if you haven’t you really, really need to. Best part (subjective) it’s also currently part of that Kindle Unlimited thing so you should totally be about it.

Lev is Levsooo…sweet. He’s lived his whole life feeling like he doesn’t fit in. He has a really hard time processing emotions which makes almost impossible for him to read people. It has him feeling socially awkward.

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Book Review: The Waiting Room | Alysha Kaye

Book REVIEW!!!! The Waiting Room by Alysha Kaye

Waiting until a progress update of the challenge wasn’t going to be enough. A review seemed like a better idea. This is not one of those books you can read and not debrief. 

 This book was suggested via twitter. So, if you have a good book you want to share, tell us about it.

We’ll read anything once.

This sort of (read that as definitely) contains spoiler so take note of that before you continue reading.

Forgive me because this will be less of a review and more of a what I thought about the book.  I can’t pick just one quote, so I’m just going to sprinkle a few of my favorites through this. Ready? Okay.

I have always loved the idea of loving someone in this life, the one before and the one after. Call me a romantic. There’s just something about that idea that I seriously can’t get over. 

You know that sequence in UP where we see the love story of Carl and his wife and there are no words? This book is the words missing from that sequence. 

“…most people want to be with someone specific for all their existence.” 

 Their story is told 100 different ways. We know what’s going to happen. They meet, they fall in love, they die and then they reunite Waiting Room.  You almost just want them to die because you know that no matter what happens: it’s going to be okay in the end. I mean for once, we seriously know that and we just aren’t making it up. Especially after the Bus Tragedy of 1960. That was so mean, I thought that was going to be the great love story, but nope.  

 “He was my first everything.”

 It wasn’t just the love story though. It was the room. Everyone’s theories and ideas and the fact that we really never know what life after death is. We didn’t get any answers, no solid leads about what happens when we die, but it’s the truth right? We don’t. It was oddly comforting. I loved how that was written. 

“…I want you like belief of which I have none. I want you like love of which I’ve had little…”

 Then just when we start getting comfortable, the one thing that we depended on in the story is taken away and I seriously felt their pain. I had to take another break. Then it was just one story after the next. It wasn’t as fulfilling without the intermission. 

“She was bitter, full of hate. Her insides and outsides don’t match up.”

 Then you get to the last chapter. The last 5 or 7 sentences of the book and I turn the page and then that’s it. Really? Not nice. So of course I had to read the book again.